With the highest point of the country, the province of Chiriqui has spectacular landscapes that will make you want to return. Chiriqui is located in the western sector of Panama, bordered to the north by the province of Bocas del Toro and the Ngäbe-Buglé region, to the west by the Republic of Costa Rica, to the east by the province of Veraguas and to the south by the Pacific Ocean.

Get ready to enjoy natural beauties, wake up in highlands with the perfect climate for a delicious hot chocolate and move to trails full of vegetation. Meet the wonderful waterfalls hidden in its depths and fall in love with its flora by taking a tour through its forests.

The province of Chiriqui offers its visitors incredible sites that you can not miss. Visit the city of David, the center of livestock and agro-industrial activity in the province. Discover the wonders of Boquete known as “The place of eternal spring” perfect for adventure activities such as hiking, rafting, rappel, etc.; it is also home of the best coffee in the world, the Geisha of Finca Esmeralda. Baru Volcano welcoming you to the highest point of the country and Central America with 3, 475 meters above sea level, on a clear day you can see both oceans at the same time. Because of its climate, Cerro Punta is a suitable land for the harvest of different fruits and vegetables, taste the delicious strawberries with custard, sweets and preserves of different fruits produced in the region.

Get ready to enjoy every day, an awakening with the chirping of its fascinating and endemic birds, walk the trails and unique suspension bridges in the mountain that connects the paths of the Geisha, taste the delicious dishes that characterize the 14 districts. Embrace the clouds at the top of the Baru volcano and discover the beauties of the sunrise at the edge of the beach and connect with the hospitality of the Chiricans.

Discover all that Chiriqui has for you!

San Blas

A Panama paradise, the San Blas archipelago (also formerly known as the Mulatas archipelago) is a group of 365 small islands and islets belonging to Panama located off the north coast of the Isthmus, east of the Panama Canal, of which only about 80 are inhabited. It is home to the Guna Indians, who are part of the Guna Yala region along the Caribbean coast of Panama.

The San Blas archipelago offers two unparalleled attractions: the unimaginable beauty of the Caribbean islands and the opportunity to visit the villages of the Kuna Indians to learn about their fascinating culture and way of life. San Blas is that corner of Panama that has an island paradise for every day of the year. It is a small Eden of fine white sand, coconut trees and crystal clear turquoise waters.

You can find different small hotels, restaurants with a variety of seafood caught by the Indians themselves (including the exquisite lobster), and beautiful handicrafts of worldwide recognition made by the Kunas, such as their famous “molas”.

Guna Yala has many natural and cultural tourist attractions that offer visitors an impressive variety of attractions such as its beautiful beaches, ecotourism, traditional cultural tourism, adventure tourism, hiking, bird watching, among others. All this, together with the traditional culture still maintained by the Gunas, make it undoubtedly one of the most exciting tourist destinations that Panama offers to the world.

Once you get to San Blas, you won’t want to leave!


Full of history and development, Panama City has the perfect combination of modern and colonial creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere. With a total area of 75,517 km, a population of 4.351 million inhabitants and a tropical climate, it offers beautiful landscapes and activities to make your stay the best.

Panama is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city, here you can walk along the Cinta Costera and contemplate the beauty of the modern city in love with the Pacific Sea by which it was born and has risen from its shores to the heights of the sky in towering skyscrapers, many of which today are icons known throughout the world. You can discover the past and fun in the Casco Antiguo of the capital city, visit the first settlement in Panama today called “Conjunto Monumental Historico de Panama la Vieja”.

The Panama Canal will amaze you with its engineering and its relevance in the world economy.

Panama City gives the opportunity to perform different radio activities, among them; visit the indigenous communities, learn about its biodiversity, make the ascent to Cerro Ancon and enjoy a spectacular view, a walk through the Casco Antiguo which will make you fall in love with its history and its narrow streets, which becomes the perfect place to taste its gastronomy and meet different bars and restaurants of the town.

If shopping is what you are looking for; Panama is internationally recognized for its wide range of shopping malls such as: Albrook Mall which is the largest mall in Latin America; offering brands and a variety of products from all over the world.

Discover all that Panama has for you!

Bocas del toro

The islands of Bocas del Toro are the essence and reflection of the Panamanian Caribbean. Bocas del Toro is a province of Panama and its capital is the homonymous city of Bocas del Toro. It has an extension of 4,5843.9 km², a population of 170,320 inhabitants with limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea, to the south with the province of Chiriquí, to the east and southeast with the Ngäbe-Buglé region, to the west and northwest with the province of Limón of Costa Rica; and to the southwest with the province of Puntarenas of Costa Rica.

When touring the Bocatoreño Archipelago, you will discover all the beauty of its coastal marine resources, tropical forests, fauna and flora, where you can observe exotic species of the region. Taste the drinks and food of the Afro-Caribbean gastronomy. Walk through its streets and avenues, interacting with the bocatoreño lifestyle, their music that catches your senses and takes you to enjoy all the rhythms of calypso.
A marine adventure awaits you in bocas, visit Bahía de los Defines, so called because this site is home to one of the largest populations of bottlenose dolphins, you can also observe reefs, corals, turtles and birds. Bocas del Drago, the first landing site of Christopher Columbus during his last voyage to the New World, welcomes you with history. Ideal for walking along its coasts, Red Frog Beach, located within the National Marine Park of Bastimentos Island, is a wild and beautiful beach, with waves and dense vegetation, or you can choose to fall in love with Zapatilla Island, a total tropical Caribbean paradise.

As an important attraction of bocas we find its restaurants and its peculiar culinary style, with local ingredients, such as seafood and fish mixed with European and North American influences.

This paradise will delight you with its coral reefs, its multicultural diversity, its natural beauty surrounding the archipelago, and its exotic species of flora and fauna. The joyful lifestyle of the Bocatoreños will capture all your senses with their music, Afro-Caribbean flavors, and mythological stories. Bocas del Toro will be your best experience to tell.

You can not leave without visiting Bocas del Toro.


A land of contrasts, the rebirth of ancient stories in its immaculate painted stones with great natural and tourist attractions is the province of Cocle. It is located in the southwest of the country and its capital, Penonome, was once also the capital of Panama. It has a territorial area of 4,927 km² and a population of 228,676 inhabitants.

In the province of Cocle there are many places to visit, in its great natural wealth you will find beautiful landscapes; swim in the cool waters of the Chorros de Ola.

One of its biggest projects is the conservation of the Golden Frog, unique in the world and native to our country. It also has beautiful beaches of soft, translucent waters and white sand, ideal for lovers of water sports, one of the main attractions of tourism in Cocle and offers a high range of resort hotels perfect for a vacation.

You can not leave without reaching the top of India Dormida in the Anton Valley and witness the most beautiful view of the area. Ascend to its impressive hills like El Gaital with its diverse vegetation or discover the charms of the trails.

Cocle will take you to experience a sense of adventure with its impressive hills like El Gaital, where you will strip yourself of the everyday while you get into nature in its trails. Come and enjoy its imposing mountains, and its streams like El Tavida in Penonome, rivers of refreshing crystalline waters that will take you to be in contact with nature. The sound of its waterfalls waiting to be discovered by an adventurous soul. These are some of the experiences that you can make reality in this province.

Fall in love with Cocle!

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