Panama - Atlantic & Pacific, Nature & Culture

Enjoy an active and cosmopolitan city, with a history of 500 years of Foundation that places it as the first city founded by the Spaniards during the colonial era, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in 1519.  Visit the Old Panama, the Colonial and Modern City.  The Panama Canal, a wonder of the world awaits for you with impressive views and attractions.  A visit to to Embera Querá Indigenous Villages in the heart of the Tropical Rainforest, gives you the opportunity to experience the exotic contrast between modernism, nature, culture, and entertainment.


  • Panama City: Old, Colonial and Modern.
  • The Panama Canal: Miraflores Visitors Center in the Pacific side
  • Embera Querá:  Indigenous village, culture, tropical rainforest, Panama Canal Watershed.


Anton Valley  come and discover this beautiful town high in the mountains of Panama, on the floor of the largest inhabited volcano crater in the world. Once a crater lake, this quiet village became home to Indians from the surrounding mountains who have been here for thousands of years.

There is so much to see and to do that you can enjoy an active two-day visit, or for a longer stay, relax in this special micro-climate with its cloud forest and exotic animals and plants.

Veraguas is a province in central Panama, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It's known for vast wilderness areas. In the mountainous north, the rainforests of Parque Nacional Santa Fé are home to harpy eagles, jaguars and a variety of orchids. Off the southern coast is Parque Nacional Coiba, a protected area encompassing dozens of islands

Boquete is a district located in the highlands of the province of Chiriqui, west of Panama. The town is at an altitude of between 1200 and 1600 meters so it enjoys a temperate climate, unlike much of the country, because it is located on the slopes of Volcán Barú, the maximum height of the country.

Every corner of its landscape tells us about the tradition of agriculture, especially the gourmet coffee that is exported on a global level. Boquete is surrounded by tropical cloud forest, rivers, waterfalls, and multiple ecotourism options.

Bocas del Toro excellent destination of sun and beach, wrapped in a tropical and Caribbean atmosphere. The archipelago of Bocas del Toro has islands of white sand, crystalline waters and leafy forest in which is a great biodiversity of flora and fauna. The destination is always on the move, daily tours to various points, cocktail hours, exquisite cuisine and night entertainment allow you to enjoy a great holiday. 


Day 1 – Welcome to Panama (-/-/-)

Arrival to Tocumen International Airport,   meet & greet by Hover Tours representative and transfer to your hotel in the city.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Panama City).

Day 2 – City & Canal Tour (B/-/-)

After breakfast, our experienced guide will pick you up from your hotel.   You will go to Miraflores Visitors Center at The Panama Canal where you will learn about its history and the operation of this world wonder.  Once there, you will watch a movie about the history of the Canal, visit 4 floors of the exhibits center (Museum) where you will find fun and interactive attractions that will make you feel part of the Canal operation.   From the observation deck on the 4th floor you will enjoy a 180 ° marvellous view of the southern locks at the Pacific Ocean.  Depending on the ship transits schedule regulated by the Panama Canal Authority, you could have the opportunity to see live ship transits through the locks. The Visitor Center also has a gift shop where you can find nice handcrafts and other souvenirs that are related to your visit of the Canal.

After the Canal, we will go to Amador Islands, a road that connects four islands located in the Panama Bay and that  was built during the canal construction as a wave-breaker alongside the Pacific entrance to the Canal.  A visit to Amador makes you feel by the sea.  It is a great photo spot due to the panoramic views of the modern city skyline, the Colonial City, the Panama Bay, the Bridge of the Americas, Taboga Island and ships transiting in or out of the Canal.   You can take some free time to enjoy the sea breeze and go shopping at the only "Duty Free Shop“ outside the International Freezone and the International Airports. (Passport required)

The tour will continue sightseeing the Colonial City dated back to 1673 where you will see beautiful civil monuments and churches of baroque, colonial and neoclassical architecture.  After a restauration program, the Old Quarters are more alive and thriving than ever.  Every day enthusiastic local people and visitors enjoy outdoor dining venues, bars, hotels, handcrafts markets and live music (in the evenings), surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Panama City).

Day 3 – Anton Valley / Santiago (B/-/-)

Today travel to El Valle de Antón, a rural community built on the crater of an ancient inactive volcano. Due to its cool weather and calm environment it is a popular destination among nature lovers. On the way they will have several stops. First we will visit a self-sustainable agro-tourism farm where we will learn about the best practices and agricultural practices of the area, and then continue to the natural reserve of Chorro El Macho, cascade in the heart of the forest to which they access through a suspended bridge. Following this they will visit Las Piedras Pintadas, which are basically a set of petroglyphs that come from the pre-Columbian age than are still being studied by scientists to decipher their secret messages. The last stop: zoo and wildlife refuge, El Níspero that offers a sample of the most exotic Panamanian Orchids and allow them to know very closely to more than 300 bird species, some mammals including the jaguar and amphibian species, among the most prominent one, the famous Golden Frog.

Following this visit we will make a short stop at the Handicraft Market which is also known as the fruit & vegetable market, giving us access not only to local crafts but also to a series of vegetables, legumes and fruits that come directly from the producer. At this point you can feel free to experience the surroundings and get lunch in one of the local restaurants in the area (lunch not  included).  After lunch, transfer to the city of Santiago , and overnight in a hotel in Santiago.

Day 4 – Malena / Turtle spawning (-/-/-)

After breakfast, check out and travel to Malena. 

Once in Malena, our first approach will be with the community and visit the turtle nurseries, then our first activity will be to patrol Mata Oscura Beach (night expedition) where they receive an induction of the activity in a more scientific way and on their way back to Malena, they can have the opportunity of a possible second patrol.

Night accommodation at a Hostal (in Malena).

Day 5 – Santiago (B/-/-)

In the morning after breakfast, we will carry out volunteer work to improve and clean the Malena nursery. Later we continue to the historic site of Atalaya, visit the church and the square and then go on to Santiago, where we are going to stay for the night., Enjoy a delicious lunch (not included).  In the afternoon, a short visit to downtown Santiago.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Santiago).

Day 6 – El Salto de la Palma/ Chiriquí Highlands - Boquete (B/-/-)

After breakfast, check out, and start the transfer to Boquete town in the Panamanian Highlands. On our way, nearby the town of Las Palmas in the Veraguas province we will find in a hidden in a deep valley the impressive Waterfall La Palma. Its crystalline waters have a spectacular free fall of 30 meters. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a natural pool with pleasantly refreshing water, after this beautiful visit, we will continue to Chiriquí, also known as “Panama’s breadbasket” and contains some of the most breathtaking highland scenery in Central America. Transfer to the eastern side of the dormant Baru Volcano to the quaint town of Boquete with its countryside dotted with flowers, fruits and vegetable farms, coffee plantations and extraordinary cloud forest environments.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Boquete)

Day 7 – Cloud Forest Canopy Tree Trek (B/-/-)

This morning you will experience the very best canopy zip line adventure of Panama at tree trek that allows you to contemplate the rainforest from fourteen different canopy platforms while smoothly soaring in the heights of the cloud forest from one treetop to another. You will glide through the trees and encounter a world unknown. You will discover a fascinating perspective of wildlife that you had never appreciated. Native species of flora and fauna can be observed. You will marvel at the sight of a great variety of orchids, trees and wildflowers that are found throughout the area.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Boquete)

Day 8 – Coffee Tour (B/-/-)

The coffee tour begins in the fields of Boquete where we can get a glimpse of the three vital factors that influence the coffee’s quality: the soil, the micro-climate, and the particular genetics of the variety. Next we will learn about the history, origin, qualities and secrets of coffee handling. In the second phase of the tour, we will learn about coffee production all the way from ripe coffee cherry to roasted bean.

What makes this tour unique, besides the invaluable ecological reserve that the coffee plantation shares, is its history that was always tied to ToleffBocheMonniche. Toleff was a Norwegian engineerand graduate from the Royal College of Dresden, Germany, who worked on the design and construction of the Panama Canal’s emergency gates.

The tour ends at the Tasting Table where the long, intense and complex coffee process ends. This is also the place where we find out whether or not a whole year’s work produced a high quality coffee. Those that participate will taste different varieties of coffee and learn how to distinguish between different taste tones. Instruction will be given on how to prepare a good cup of coffee by learning about water temperature, time, toasting and grinding, and different brewing methods like Coffee Maker, French Press, Drip brew and Boiling. This tour illustrates the coffee culture in a fun way, helping the participant better enjoy this legendary aromatic drink. After a tour like this, a cup of coffee will never taste the same Night accommodation at the hotel (in Boquete)

Day 9 – Gualaca Canions / Bocas del Toro (B/-/-)

After a good night’s rest and breakfast,  you pack your belongings and get ready for the 4 hour drive to Bocas del Toro. You will be literally traveling from the cloud forests to the coral reefs. On the way you will enjoy a great visit to ¨Los Cangilones / wonder of the nature¨ they are considered part of the national treasure due to its majestic rocky formation and crystalline waters (in dry season) that pass through it. Its a popular attraction in the province of Chiriquí thanks to its easy access. The rock formation is shaped like a mini canyon and impregnated on the rock you can find marine fossils as starfish among others. Its an excellent place to take a refreshing bath.

Then we will continue or road adventure to the seaside village of El Almirante (Bocas del Toro mainland) and a boat will take you in a 30 minutes ride to Bocas del Toro located on Colón Island.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Bocas del Toro).

Day 10 – Bocas del Toro (B/-/-)

Free day to relax and enjoy the hotel amenities or make an optional tour or get to know the town

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Bocas del Toro).

Day 11 – Dolphin Bay + Coral Kay + Red Frog Beach (B/-/-)

This day you will visit different gorgeous places within Bocas del Toro archipelago

Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) can be seen in their habitat, surrounded by mangroves. They like this area of calm waters to have their young. Often they follow the waves left by the boats and, sometimes, they approach the swimmers and let them play with them.

Cayo Coral: is the channel between Bastimentos Island and Isla Popa and connects the Bay of El Almirante with the sea. It owes its name to the beautiful formations of corals located in shallow depth, where you can practice snorkeling. In its clear waters you can see various species of tropical fish that shine under the sun.

Red Frog Beach: it is an extraordinary beach, with strong waves, that are part of the National Marine Park of Bastimentos. It owes its name to a small frog about 2 to 3 centimeters large, with a vibrant red colour that can be found between the surrounding leaves.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Bocas del Toro).

Day 12 – Bocas del Toro (B/-/-)

Free day to relax and enjoy the hotel amenities.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Bocas del Toro).

Day 13 –Panama City (B/-/-)

Free morning to relax and enjoy the hotel amenities.

In the afternoon transfer from your hotel to take a flight back to Panama.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Panama City)

Day 14 – Visit the Indigenous Embera Quera Community (B/L/-)

At 9:00 a.m. after breakfast your guide will pick you up to begin todays tour by visiting the indigenous community of "EMBERA QUERA". Which in our language means "PERFUME EMBERA".

This community is located at the mouth of river Gatun. You will enjoy a 30 minutes boat trip with a beautiful landscape of flora and fauna of the region. Knowing the culture, you can enjoy a delicious traditional snack with fish and “patacones”  prepared by the woman of the Embera Indians. You can share their traditional dances and music that transports you back in time. The trip includes:  Transportation, boat ride,  lunch (snack) , if you like somebody painting (Jagua), pass by a small island to observe the monkeys, presentation culture and dances, interpretive trail (guided by a traditional botanical Embera), explanation of the Embera culture and origin community and finally you can see and buy crafts made by residents of the community, handmade. At the end of our adventure in the village, we ride back in one of their typical boats to where our car is waiting for us to bring us back to the city.

Night accommodation at the hotel (in Panama City)

Day 15 – Return to your country (B/-/-)

Afyer breakfast, check out and transfer from the hotel to Tocumen International Airport. You should arrive at the check-In counter of your airline approx. 03:00 hrs before the departure of your flight.

Thanks for your visit & end of our service!


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